title = {{Information Retrieval and E-Service : Towards Open Information Retrieval}},
  author = {{L'Hédi} {Zaher} and {Jean-Pierre} {Cahier} and {Manuel} {Zacklad}},
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  pages = {41-46},
  note = {ISBN 1-4244-0451-7},
  abstract = {The concept of Information Retrieval (IR) could be extended towards an Open
      Information Retrieval (Open IR) approach. Open IR gives users a wider range of
      access methods when retrieving business objects (e.g. projects, products,
      skills, people, deliverables…) using Web applications. Open IR is based on the
      concept of the "Entity", as defined in the Hypertopic model. The Hypertopic
      model is a knowledge representation language we propose for mediating various
      “socio-semantic Web” applications, using topic maps co-constructed by members of
      a community. We briefly describe in this paper how Hypertopic "Entities" can be
      viewed “semiotically”, depending on various topics and points of view. We
      describe how entity-based Hypertopic maps can be used to facilitate users’
      search efforts. For this purpose, we illustrate Open IR in the field of
      e-commerce: we examine complex features which could be proposed on electronic
      market places to describe/retrieve entities such as products proposed by
      multiple providers. 
      Keywords: knowledge engineering, e-commerce, e-market place, information
      retrieval, socio semantic web.
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