title = {{Socio semantic Web : towards socially constructed "Topic Maps" by communities}},
  author = {{Claude} {Guittard} and {L'Hédi} {Zaher} and {Jean-Pierre} {Cahier}},
  booktitle = {European Academy of Management Conference EURAM 2006},
  note = {Oslo, Norway.},
  abstract = {We present, in this article, a “topic map” system applied to the Open Source
      Software (OSS) community. Our approach is deliberately open and
      based on the HyperTopic model created by Tech- CICO lab. Our collective
      experimentation aims at the construction of a shared information platform that
      would be visible and useable for the OSS
      community. Thanks to this platform, OSS community members can describe and find
      software applications, by browsing multi-point of view “topic
      maps”. Everyone may declare the characteristics of a software project following
      an index structure made of several tree diagrams. Thus, the community will
      build, in an ideal case, collective semantics “in progress”.
      We present this project as an example of a “Socio-Semantic Web” (S2W). We also
      detail the Hypertopic model, on which is based our application, and the AGORAE
      platform which brings this software application into play. The HyperTopic model
      is inspired by the simple  semantic models of “topic maps”, but it enriches this
      approach by two new dimensions. First, it aims at improving the representation
      of shared meaning artifacts (in this case: software applications), of the social
      actors and of their activities. Second, this HyperTopic model is a support for
      debating the meaning of these representations.},
  year = {2006},
  url = {http://zaher.tech-cico.fr/publi/guittard-et-al-euram-2006.pdf},