title = {{A Conflictual Co-building Method with Agoræ}},
  author = {{L'Hédi} {Zaher} and {Jean-Pierre} {Cahier} and {William A.} {Turner} and {Manuel} {Zacklad}},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of In Workshop on Knowledge Sharing in Organizations (COOP 2006)},
  abstract = {The goal of the Agoræ software is that of representing a shared conceptual
      content with a topic map structured by multiple points of views. Co-construction
      requires ontological decisions: words designate objects which are similar to one
      another given the properties attributed to a concept. 
      The context of the projected experiment (called “DKN Project”) (Barré et al.) is
      a set of “mobilization projects” involving Colombian scientists in the plant
      genomic field. This project supported by UNESCO is conducted the LIMSI Lab. 
      Members of DKN projects can use Agoræ tool as a “plug-in” in a global toolbox
      serving these projects. In this context we take as an example  the  Agoræ “demo”
      map focusing specific activity goals (to represent the conceptual content of the
      document flow inside the DKN project). We have constructed in the tech-CICO lab
      this “demo” map for use by members of the diaspora of experts, to allow them to
      discover and to experiment the features of Agoræ as a tool, and then to apply
      the tools to their project needs. 
      In this “demo” map (see figure 1), the classification scheme consists for
      example of four points of view. Our research question deals with methodology: 
      how to collectively bootstrap the building of such a classification scheme? We
      present briefly the method and make a series of proposals aimed at
      custom-tailoring the design of the Agoræ software for the needs of this
      co-building method.
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